Front door of The Learning Bar buildingThe Learning Bar Inc. (TLB) is a research-based education company that provides you with tools and solutions designed to inform educators, guide school planning, and give a voice to students, parents, and teachers. Drawing from current educational research, TLB provides two solution-focused systems, the OurSCHOOL|TTFM (Tell Them From Me) school improvement system and the Early Years Evaluation (EYE).

OurSCHOOL|TTFM is a powerful evaluation instrument that provides a complete solution for measuring, assessing, and reporting insights on your school. These insights are based on reliable and meaningful measures that are known to affect learning outcomes. OurSCHOOL|TTFM has become the largest national school survey in Canada. It is currently being used in nine of Canada’s ten provinces, including the Northwest Territories and Yukon. Over 3500 Canadian schools are actively using these survey instruments, data analyses, and reporting solutions. To date, over 2.5 million students have added their voices to our rich data set. OurSCHOOL|TTFM solutions are also being used in the United States and Australia, and are in the process of being implemented in other countries around the world.

The Early Years Evaluation (EYE) is an assessment framework that helps children, parents, and schools with the transition from home to school. The motivation for the creation of the EYE assessment tools came from a World Bank project in 2002, which required an instrument that was suitable for assessing the early years outcomes of children as they entered school. The EYE team developed an instrument that assesses the five domains associated with early childhood development. Over the years, the instrument has been updated and revised to meet the needs of teachers, governments, and parents. The EYE has been used across Canada and internationally.

Founded in 2005, The Learning Bar’s evaluation system and the survey measures were designed by internationally renowned researcher, Dr. J. Douglas Willms. Dr. Willms is a Professor at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) and holds the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Literacy and Human Development. He is the President of the International Academy of Education, a Member of the US National Academy of Education, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

A core element of our work is the measurement of student engagement. Dr. Willms led the development of questions on engagement for the OECD PISA and subsequently wrote the international report for the OECD. This research is incorporated into the intellectual property of all TLB solutions, and is central to our many successes. Previously, we also collaborated with the Canadian Education Association and Galileo Education Network on a three-year project entitled, “What Did You Do In School Today?” This work was further advanced through collaboration with Alberta Education in their three-year pilot study on student engagement.

Our customers describe our technologies and online applications as second-to-none.

The technology backbone supplied by The Learning Bar has proven to be reliable, easy to use, and robust with features that provide tremendous accessibility for using results data.
Ron Nowlan, Sask. Min. of Education
The online tools for analyzing the survey allowed school teams to search through the survey data very quickly – the word cloud feature was particularly useful in searching the open ended questions, and the ability to drill down the data and create customized charts. The survey setup process is extremely quick and the data suppression and anonymity features really allow schools to more readily ensure that student responses are anonymous.Matthew Gagnier, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, Ontario

Our customers characterize our reliable and insightful survey instruments as world class.

The Tell Them From Me reports have provided us with a new depth and breadth of data on student engagement. The reports…have been put to immediate use by students, teachers, school leaders, and learning communities to inform classroom practice and strategic planning.Sui-Linn White, Maitland District Office, Australia (Sui-Linn has since joined our TLB Australia team)
Seeing how we compare with all other schools in Canada as well as comparison with like socio-economic schools is very useful. They (TLB) have been consistently supportive and their surveys have provided helpful information at both the school and district levels.Dave Tooby, Coordinator of Surveys, School District #63 Saanich, BC
Without exception, the schools that used the Tell Them From Me survey tool felt the information was invaluable. While the information often confirmed some intuitions of the staff, there were many surprises (small and major) that were uncovered.Art Blackwell, District Principal, School District 73 (Kamloops/Thompson)

Our customers also say that our implementation support services are exceptional.

Over the time that I have worked with The Learning Bar, I have become most impressed with the level of service they provide.Gerald Fijal, Director Learning, Calgary Board of Education
The training and support we received from The Learning Bar team has been exceptionally responsive and accommodating. The Account Success team regularly went above and beyond in ensuring our satisfaction.Ron Nowlan, Sask. Min. of Education
Our district was always able to rely on both the Trainer and the technical team via email and phone to get answers to questions quickly. School Principals were happy with having someone they could call right away to solve any issue.Matthew Gagnier, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, Ontario