Sister companies The Learning Bar (TLB) and KSI Research International (KSI) share more than CEO Dr. J. Douglas Willms; both companies are research-based, which is reflected in the unique tools offered. Most importantly, both companies are focused on providing leading indicator-based instruments known to improve the success of school-age and pre-school-age learners. TLB and KSI also often work with the same educational institutions.

Because of these commonalities, it is ideal to combine the resources of both companies and provide customers with a broader selection of products from a single point of contact.

This means KSI has transferred the Early Years Evaluation systems (i.e. EYE-DA and EYE-TA) to TLB. However, KSI will still continue to operate by conducting research and developing pre-commercial systems to address other educational needs. Through the addition of the EYE systems, TLB is adding several very successful products to its already popular repertoire.

This TLB solutions amalgamation extends its student support from pre-K to the 12th grade, and adds KSI’s EYE development and support staff to the TLB team.

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