Building a Data Culture:  9:00 – 3:00 p.m.(MDT)

Join us live at the Insights Alberta Symposium to hear how schools and districts are using their student data to make informed school improvement decisions.  Find out what strategies and interventions are being used and how improvements are being measured year over year.


Our founder, international educator Dr. J. Douglas Willms, will open the event by presenting his latest research on Educational Prosperity and guest speakers from Alberta districts and local schools will showcase how they are using their data to:

    • identify and support vulnerable populations;
    • align school or division goals and track trends year over year;
    • support community engagement and communication of school planning;
    • guide practice at the district and school levels, and quantify success; and
    • inform resource allocation to guide effective school intervention and improvement strategies.

Check back with us May 9 to stream live! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for live updates. #insightsalberta

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