23 Jan 09 – The Learning Bar’s One-Click Report on student surveys consists of a PDF that gets downloaded to your computer for easy duplication and distribution.

The One-Click Report summarizes the results on each of our 25 or more measures, by grade and by gender, showing national comparisons drawn from our previous-year’s database. The One-Click Report becomes available once the school meets the minimum requirements for number of students surveyed.

District One-Click Report, part of the District Licence, is an aggregate of results from all their participating schools. It is easy for the district to disaggregate these results, to show results for individual schools for any single measure.

One-Click Reports are updated weekly when there is survey activity, ensuring current results are always available.

Example page of a One-Click Report (click for larger view):

One-Click Reports are accessible from your Monitor Progress page. Contact the Helpdesk (support@thelearningbar.com) if you have questions.