Becoming a reader in 75 days

Parents and caregivers are a child’s first teachers. They build the foundation for language and literacy skills from the moment a child is born.

The first stage of ‘becoming a reader’ usually begins in kindergarten or grade 1. This is when children begin to learn the relationships between letters and sounds, how sounds are put together to form words, and how words can be used to form sentences. The skills acquired during this period are the foundation for becoming a skilled reader. Parents and caregivers can enable their child to become a confident reader when they know the best sequence for teaching foundational skills and have a repertoire of fun and engaging activities they can use to teach their child.

Strengthen your childs’ skills

This course is for parents and caregivers of children aged 4 to 6 who want to learn how to strengthen their child’s reading skills.

You will learn:

The essentials of the Science of Reading and why it matters
The sequence for teaching the foundational skills – a weekly ‘menu’
Sixteen fun and engaging activities proven to be effective with young children
Eight ways to increase your child’s motivation to read
How to instill ‘habits of mind’ that support children’s development
Simple tools to assess your child’s progress

Children learn to read at different rates. The rate at which a child becomes a skilled reader depends on many factors. However, despite individual differences, one factor is key for all children: learning time. Your child will make the best progress during the 75- day period if you spend an hour per day teaching the foundational skills. 

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