Access our webinar to find out more about how OurSCHOOL is being used to capture equity data to comply with Demographic Data Project and Anti-Racism Data Standards.

At The Learning Bar we have surveyed over 1.2 M students throughout Ontario and have learned a great many things in doing so. We are sharing some of that knowledge to help you make an informed decision around how to capture your demographic data. Our aim is to ensure that districts have the right data to get real insight into the climate of inclusivity, diversity, and equity within their schools. So before you look elsewhere for a survey platform or consider creating an independent survey, ask yourself these key questions.

Will your solution include powerful, integrated data analysis that will provide you with the information you need to make evidence-based decisions?
Will it be based on leading education and child development research to ensure your results capture key factors that impact child outcomes?
Will it be fully supported by an experienced team of researchers, implementation staff, and literacy experts to assist with any survey set-up or theme-based questions you may have?
Will it be robust enough to allow you to run provincial and school norm comparisons that can be used to contextualize results and determine what is going well and what can be improved.
Will it be compliant to the legislative requirements of Ontario’s Anti-Racism Act; PPM 144: Bullying Prevention and Intervention; and Anti-Racism Data Standards. If not, who can you ask?!
Will it be based on an easy and flexible platform that integrates with your preferred source of data.

Creating independent survey solutions has provided many school divisions with specific data for their needs, but for provincial reporting requirements, this may not be sufficient. Access the webinar now to find out how the OurSCHOOL survey now meets all the legislative requirements outlined by the Government of Ontario.