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Understand, be inspired, and learn strategies to create a shared vision for literacy in your community.

Literacy and your community

Literacy - Lori Whiteman
Video – Standing strong. Standing courageous.

Lori Whiteman on new visions for First Nations education.

Parent Survey - OurSCHOOL Survey - Teachers discussing results
Podcast – A story of Student Truth

Building literacy skills through open dialogue between a father and a school.

Tanis Crawford - Empowering Educators Video Thumbnail
Video – Empowering educators with literacy data

Why one education system chose the Confident Learners literacy program.

Neil Debassige - Student Truth Video Thumbnail

The role of early reading success in a child’s truth.

On-demand webinar

Beyond Graduation. Strategies to inspire a vision for whole-community literacy improvement.

Make literacy your bottom line

Efficient reading instruction is at the center of community transformation, and children’s future opportunities. How much could grade 3 reading success save you?

Literacy Resources

Critical Questions to understand the literacy needs of your community Thumbnail

7 Critical questions to ask to understand the literacy needs of your community.

Literacy - Graduation Starts Here Infographic

What role can literacy play in community change?


You have a vision, now what? Take a look at our Literacy Initiative Planning Worksheet.

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Literacy Development

Find out more about the Confident Learners Program.


Learn how the Confident Learners literacy program can support your education system in improving literacy results in our overview paper.

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