Unlocking a world of possibilities for all your students with a new step-by-step approach

Educators have a solid body of research evidence on how children learn to read, and what instructional approaches work best. This evidence is the foundation of the Confident Learners program.
The program uses a systematic and explicit approach to teaching in which positive student outcomes can be realized quickly. The emphasis on a specific sequence of skills development means that children learn how the sounds they hear in words – phonemes – are linked to the letters they see in print – graphemes.
As children learn how to sound out words using the phonemes, they quickly learn how to read words, spell them, and make simple sentences. Before long, they are reading full sentences and short passages. This innovative approach drives confidence in becoming a reader.

Confident Learners acts as the bridge from research to practice.

The Confident Learners program is a unified suite of products and services as outlined below.

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