In 2012, Dr. J. Douglas Willms was appointed to the position of President Elect at the International Academy of Education (IAE). The IAE is a non-profit association that promotes educational research and scholarly excellence in all fields related to education.

Founded in 1986, the IAE is dedicated to:

Creating an international network of scholars to conduct research on important educational issues, establishing permanent relations among relevant disciplines within education, and to identifying superior research practices;
Disseminating knowledge about effective policies and practices to interested policy makers and educators;
Conducting advanced training;
Conducting advanced training;
Providing critical and evaluative perspectives on studies and issues in the forefront of the educational debate;
Identifying research priorities related to critical issues in education;
Strengthening communication and cooperation among policy makers, educational researchers and educational practitioners;
Awarding fellowships and prizes for distinguished contributions to educational scholarship and/or practice.

For more information about the IAE, please visit their website at: