Maggie Day is a Literacy Consultant with Confident Learners. She has a generalist undergraduate degree with an elementary route from the University of Alberta. While working in education, she has held such positions as: Inclusive Education Lead, Resource Teacher, Classroom Teacher P-8, Early Literacy Teacher and Literacy Coach. Maggie is also trained to teach literacy skills according to The Science of Reading. She has followed the research from the five essential components of the US National Reading Panel for the past eight years. She also follows the research and trains under Dr. Kathryn Garthford who headed the 157 recommendations from the Right to Read report with The Ontario Human Rights Commission. In her roles as a Literacy Coach and an Early Literacy Teacher, Maggie supported her school divisions, by mentoring new teachers and leading Literacy and Learning, Professional Learning Communities. Prior to becoming an educator in 2005, Maggie was an Executive Assistant and an Onboarding Trainer to the vice president of Engineering at a large oil & gas company in Calgary, Alberta. She is also trained as a legal assistant in criminal and divorce law, and she worked in the legal profession for five years.

Maggie holds a high passion for following the latest research in literacy. She has teacher course work in Orton Gillingham and she is trained in The Layers of Literacy, according to The Science of Reading and the Scarborough Reading Rope. She continues to pursue her passion for teaching Literacy by continuing her literacy training to receive her Associates Certification in Orton Gillingham. Most recently, she is trained according to the research from Confident Learners, and The Learning Bar. Maggie continues to spread her knowledge about The Science of Reading via social media platforms and meetings with principals and superintendents, throughout Canada. She is very passionate about the shift in teaching literacy skills in North America, as the research is returning to the way she was taught in elementary school, by moving away from the cueing and balanced literacy programs for word reading strategies with mandatory explicit, systematic and direct instruction in foundational word-reading skills.

Maggie is originally from Nova Scotia. She spent most of her adult life living in Calgary, Alberta but recently returned home to promote her literacy initiatives. She has her teaching certification in Alberta, Ontario, NB and NS and she worked at an International Baccherlaute School in Shanghai, China. Maggie loves dogs, reading, travel and spending as much time as possible, in nature walking her dog, hiking or kayaking.