The Learning Bar is now seeking early adopters to help us in the final stages of perfecting our newly developed well-being content for Elementary students! Data collection starts immediately and runs until the end of June 2022. Interested in participating? Provide your details in the form and we will get right back to you.

What we measure matters

To truly thrive, students need a healthy body and mind, a strong sense of purpose, opportunities to learn and grow, meaningful connections with others, and the freedom to express themselves as individuals and pursue their passions. How do we know if we’re doing enough to foster our students’ well-being?

The OurSCHOOL Well-Being Survey

The existing Well-Being Survey for Secondary students allows you to deeply understand all aspects of your students’ well-being and the role that your school environment plays in shaping it. It uses a holistic approach to measuring well-being across cognitive, physical, emotional and social dimensions. The survey includes the measures outlined below. New content for the Elementary survey is denoted by an asterisk.

Sense of belonging
General health*
Goal orientation*
Feelings of safety
Positive relationships
Life satisfaction*
Cultural awareness*
Sense of purpose*
Activity time measures*

Your participation is vital to ensuring we are able to make our well-being survey available for all students. Here are the details:

Data collection (May – June 2022)

We are looking for divisions to participate in a sample data collection in late spring. Our goal is to collect a diverse representative sample of grade 4-6 students from across Canada. We anticipate that the survey will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete. Participating divisions can let their Client Success Manager know that they would like to participate in the early adopter survey. You will receive an unique survey link to complete the survey via QuestionPro, an online survey software tool. The survey link will not be accessed through the OurSCHOOL platform for the early adopter phase, and you will not be required to distribute usernames or passwords.

Analysis (June – July 2022)

Our research team will use the collected data to ensure that all new measures meet the high standard of statistical reliability and validity that OurSCHOOL is known for. They will also use the data to determine the best ways to report results to schools in a meaningful and actionable format.

Reporting (August 2022)

Early adopters will receive a district level report for the Well-being results collected during the pilot phase, produced by the Research team. The report will feature your results as they will be presented within the OurSCHOOL application for future survey administrations. It is important to note that your results from the early adopter phase will not be accessible from within the OurSCHOOL system and, at this time, school level reporting will not be available.

Future developments (Timelines TBD)

Upon achieving sufficient uptake, we plan to compile and release Canadian and Provincial norms for all new well-being measures.