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Early Years Evaluation - Direct Assessment

Successful learning takes place when children are supported by families, schools, and communities. The challenge is that many children enter kindergarten with cognitive or language skills that are one or more years behind their peers.


Identify Learning Needs Early

Many learning difficulties can be prevented with early identification, excellent classroom instruction, and appropriate intervention. The Early Years Evaluation – Direct Assessment (EYE-DA) helps educators plan for diverse learning needs before children enter kindergarten.

Assess Early to Support Learning

Using play-based methods, trained assessors gather data in four key domains known to foster learning success. The EYE-DA provides ‘leading indicator’ information on each child’s strengths or areas for further development early, to help schools and families support a positive transition to school.


Educators can use the data to:

open the door for communication between families and educators;
identify children who may be in need of educational services early, so they can begin to receive assistance prior to, or upon school entry;
provide a baseline for assessing learning gains;
provide immediate, multi-level reporting;
identify children who may benefit from additional experiences in a given domain;
help families prepare their children for each successive stage of schooling.
The EYE-DA can help families, schools, and communities ensure a more positive transition to school.
Hear from educators how they are using EYE to better meet the needs of children, families and teachers.

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