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Nurture Early Reading Readiness

Early Years Evaluation - Pre-Reading Assessment (EYE-PR)

When children start kindergarten, there is a four year range in their cognitive and language skills. The Early Years Evaluation – Teacher Assessment (EYE-TA) helps educators identify each child’s strengths in crucial developmental skills and pinpoint areas where more practice is needed. However, many children already display emerging literacy skills

How do we support these children and help them continue to grow?

Support Children on Their Reading Journey

The Learning Bar now offers a new assessment to schools and districts using the EYE-TA: the Early Years Evaluation – Pre Reading Assessment (EYE-PR). This structured and systematic assessment provides insights into  six emerging literacy skills.

Concepts About Print
Lower Case Letters
Upper Case Letters
Phonological Awareness
Phonemic Awareness
Letter-sound Association

Short Assessment, Actionable Data

This 10-15-minute assessment is suitable for all kindergarten children or can be focused on specific groups. This assessment includes aligned resources and activities, helping educators tailor their teaching strategies. Further resources are also  available for caregivers to support their child’s learning at home. This facilitates a collaborative approach, ensuring caregivers are actively involved in their child’s literacy development.

Supporting children on their reading journey from Kindergarten to beyond.....

For educators looking to continue to challenge their students who advance quickly, Confident Learners Foundations is the next step on their reading journey. This systematic reading program uses a common framework that also includes lesson plans, advanced activities, and professional learning to support children to Grade 5.

Setting your students up for reading success, every step of the way.