Improve Classroom Instruction

Guide planning of classroom activities to develop children’s pre-literacy skills

The Early Years Evaluation – Teacher Assessment (EYE-TA) helps teachers to:

  • maintain a focus on key developmental outcomes;
  • structure their child-centred environments to ensure that the specific learning needs of each child are met; and 
  • identify areas in which individual children and groups of children can benefit from particular learning opportunities. 

As teachers review their EYE-TA data and reports, they will require a repertoire of learning activities that build on children’s interests and meet the diverse learning needs within their classroom. Gradually they embed these activities into regular classroom rhythms to enable children to build on their strengths and further develop areas of need.

OurSCHOOL Teacher Survey and Early Years Evaluation - Student raising their hand

Strengthen partnerships with families and community agencies

In many jurisdictions that use the EYE-TA, the summary reports and maps are shared with community agencies to help identify areas of strength and of need. This helps build partnerships across government agencies and between schools and local organizations that support families. 

Individual Child Report:

Available in 21 different languages, including six Indigenous languages.

The reports provide an easy-to-understand visual representation of a child’s strengths and where he or she would benefit from further experiences. They can be used as a starting point for discussions with the child’s family or a multidisciplinary team, and to collaborate on potential intervention strategies. 

Early Years Evaluation - Teacher Assessment - Child Report Sample

Class Report:

Clearly identifies the diverse range of skills in the classroom and allows educators to quickly plan for action.

Early Years Evaluation - Teacher Assessment - Class Report Sample

School Report:

The intuitive nature of the school report makes data interpretation easy for all stakeholders. Sharing at board or staff meetings helps to quickly get educators on board and aligned.

Early Years Evaluation - Teacher Assessment - School Report Sample