Find out how OurSCHOOL is helping Ontario school districts foster a climate of safety, inclusivity, and equity

Canada’s largest school climate survey now meets all the legislative requirements outlined by the Government of Ontario to help combat bullying and to address systemic racism and disparities in the education system.

One survey… multiple solutions

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To help Ontario school divisions achieve their equity and inclusivity goals, our education experts have designed 13 new demographics to our grade 7 – 12 student survey.


۰ Grade
۰ Sex
۰ Sex Inclusive
۰ Gender Identity
۰ Language Spoken at Home
۰ Grade Repetition
۰ Immigrant Status
۰ Indigenous Status
۰ Disability
۰ Change School
۰ Race
۰ Religion


۰ Socio-Economic Factors
۰ Age
۰ Sexual Orientation
۰ Gender Expression

۰ Ethnic Origin
۰ Canadian Identity
۰ LGBTQ2S+ Ally


۰ Language First Spoken
۰ Indigenous Identity
۰ Canadian Status
۰ Disability
۰ Sexual Orientation

Alongside our school climate survey measures, these demographics can be used to:

Monitor and evaluate initiatives focused on improving diversity and inclusivity in your school.
Establish benchmarks and targets for equalizing student outcomes.
Identify marginalized student populations and evaluate the impact of inequities over time.
Identify successes or opportunities for further improvement.
Make evidence-based policy, program, and funding decisions.
Provide visibility and accountability into efforts to address systemic disadvantages and achieve equity for all students.

Powerful reporting

Creating independent survey solutions has provided many school divisions with specific data for their needs, but for provincial reporting requirements, this may not be sufficient. The OurSCHOOL survey has been administered to over 1.2 million students throughout Ontario. This dataset allows us to provide schools and divisions with relevant and robust provincial norm comparisons that can be used to contextualize results and determine what is going well and what can be improved.

For divisions looking to conduct a Data Demographic Project, we provide an exported data file containing student responses to the 10 demographic census questions mandated by ARDS. Optionally, this data can be provided in a format that would allow integration into your Student Information System (e.g., PowerSchool, Aspen Follett, etc.) or reporting platform (e.g., Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Compass for Success, etc.)

When you choose OurSCHOOL, you get much more than just an online survey. Our experts work with you to provide the guidance and support necessary to ensure success at every step. Get the information you need to make evidence-based decisions around topics such as student engagement, well-being, safety, inclusivity, and many others.

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