Capture the collective voice of your entire school

Tell Them From Me™ Staff Survey
Create a team that feels understood, engaged and committed to your schools vision

Are your observations and communication with all your school staff giving you an accurate understanding of how they feel? What information would help you better support staff’s well-being, development and sense of community? 

There are many different factors that influence staff’s attitudes and experiences related to their job, school and work/life balance. Capturing accurate data from all stakeholder perspectives will help you provide specific professional, emotional and practical supports and target investments in programs that are most beneficial for your staff.  

Understanding and acting on collective voice can increase engagement, reduce absence from work, improve safety in the workplace and enhance people’s job satisfaction. It means staff are better able to support their teams, their school and their students.


Get a complete picture of key factors impacting staff well-being and development

The staff survey is designed to capture data on 20 factors. These factors include:

  1. Job Control
  2. Collaboration
  3. Communication
  4. Workload
  5. Work-life Balance
  6. Role Ambiguity
  7. Recognition
  8. Job Satisfaction
  9. Sense of Belonging
  10. Coping & Support
  1. Health & Well-being
  2. General Health
  3. Life satisfaction
  4. Eudaimonia – Thriving
  5. School Environment
  6. Bullying & Safe School
  7. Sexual Harassment
  8. Exclusion
  9. Bullying Procedures
  10. Diversity & Inclusion

A range of reporting designed to support data-driven decisions at all levels...

  • Simple 1 Click Reports: An executive summary overview of staff perceptions  in your school. A quick glance at each factor makes it easy to spot patterns or anomalies.
  • Powerful Interactive Reports: These dynamic charts enable you to explore your data and identify the stories that lie below the surface. Drill down by staff tenure, sex, employment status, job role, and other demographics to understand the differing experiences of staff.
  • Revealing Open-Ended Question Reports: A forum for staff to express their open and honest opinions about their school experience anonymously. A word cloud allows you to discover common themes and sentiments.
  • Tailored: Add your own multiple choice and open-ended questions that reflect your school interests and priorities.
  • Timely: Complete the survey in 30 – 40 minutes. Access reports within two days  of closing your survey.

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