Make learning inclusive and accessible to all students

Is your school embracing diversity and providing an inclusive and respectful learning environment? Find out and act to ensure that all students are provided with the same opportunities to learn, grow and play.

The Rick Hansen Foundation and The Learning Bar have teamed up to help educators assess the level of inclusivity and accessibility within their school environment. The OurSCHOOL Student Survey, developed by The Learning Bar, captures and measures factors that have a real impact on student success. Our collaboration makes measures of awareness, acceptance and action available within OurSCHOOL to allow educators to gauge the barriers facing students with physical disabilities.

Ensure all students have equal access to the buildings, resources and the tools they need to learn.

Use insight from your OurSCHOOL Secondary Survey to target initiatives that raise awareness and drive positive change. Your educators can access interactive reporting within two business days to help assess the equality of outcomes for their students with disabilities. Act on your data and empower students and staff to promote accessibility, inclusivity and success of all students.

Measure inclusivity and accessibility

Educators now have access to new measures of awareness, acceptance and action as part of the OurSCHOOL Secondary Survey.


Are your students aware of the barriers facing people with disabilities?

Find out if physical and social barriers are preventing students with physical disabilities from fully participating. Are people with physical disabilities faced with the same opportunities as a person without one? Your students can help answer these questions and provide a full perspective of how accessible your classrooms and schools really are.


How inclusive is your school?

Inclusivity encompasses a variety of factors that impact student engagement. Get a better understanding of how inclusive your school is for those with physical disabilities and ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate at school.


Are your students empowered to drive change?

Engage students to make a difference in your school. Find out if your students feel they are responsible for making your school a better place. Are they willing to take action to help remove barriers and speak up if something is preventing someone with a physical disability from fully participating? Hear from your students and get the data you need to make informed decisions.

All children deserve the opportunity to thrive.

Does your school have the information you need to support their success?


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