Career Pathways:
Help students make the right career choice

Are your students ready for life after graduation?

The critical process of career planning starts in early childhood and intensifies during adolescence. Despite the emphasis placed on identifying a vocation before graduation, less than 20 percent of students make a stable career choice by age 17*.

* Statistics Canada (2015). Career Decision-making Patterns of Canadian Youth and Associated Postsecondary Educational Outcomes.


Do you have the complete picture?

Career Pathways was developed by our in-house research team to help educators better understand and support their Year 7-12 students’ transition from school to higher education and employment. The module, a part of the Tell Them From Me® (TTFM) Secondary Survey, consists of 10 main question areas which capture:

student aspirations after graduation;
level of commitment to a particular job;
current exploration into career options;
students’ career knowledge;
perceived obstacles;
current use of school-level resources and
opportunities; and,
perceived importance of specific skills.

How can you use the data to prepare your students for success?

A Thematic Report is available which outlines student goals, vocational knowledge and career identity.

Make informed decisions on the support and instruction students need to explore careers, guide them to relevant programs, and gain the vocational experience they need to succeed.

For further information on the new Career Pathways survey module, please contact your Implementation Coordinator.