Engagement Session: Assessing Your Impact

Find out if your strategies are having an impact

The Assessing Your Impact session is designed to enable attendees to effectively monitor progress towards their goals and adjust strategies for future success.

Live, web-based interactive session

District- and School-level Personnel

1 hour and 30 minutes


Advance your data-driven decision-making

Leave the session with:

knowledge and resources to assess the impact of your current strategies, and
tips and resources for creating a plan before your next survey implementation.


Monitor the impact of your school improvement initiatives

Discover tips and resources you can use to:

create SMART goals to set achievable targets,
adjust strategies and set priorities for the coming year, and
involve the greater school community in developing and actioning new strategies.

Empower your educators with the data analysis skills to effectively impact all aspects of student outcome.

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Session booking is subject to availability.