The Science of Teaching

Professional Learning

The Science of Teaching is designed for teachers who want to increase their understanding of how children learn, build their confidence in managing a classroom with students from diverse backgrounds, use fun and engaging learning activities, and know how to monitor the success of their students.

All courses developed by The Learning Bar are grounded in key evidence from the academic research, linked to proven and practical classroom strategies, and connected to leading-edge educational policy, assessment, and governance strategies.


Equip teachers with the skills they need to impact all students reading proficiency and empower them in supporting all students to thrive. Learn more about our other professional learning courses.

Outcome: Educators will gain a deeper understanding and a broader range of classroom teaching skills. They will know how to better engage students in learning and achieve learning goals, even for the most challenging students.

Module 1. Introduction Learn how to use the science and art of teaching to improve your
teaching skills. Reflect on your own skills using the Teacher
Self-Reflection Questionnaire.
Module 2. Quality Instruction Learn how to create and execute an effective learning plan that
incorporates knowledge of your students, high-yield teaching
strategies, and formative assessment.
Module 3. Student Engagement Learn the six ways that children learn based on the recent research from the U.S. National Science Foundation and how to apply this knowledge to increase student engagement.
Module 4. Culture, Context, and Climate Deepen your knowledge about how culture affects learning. Understand how you can create an inclusive classroom.
Module 5. Learning Time Understand and apply key strategies for maintaining order in the classroom and managing disruptive behaviour. Know how to increase academic engagement time inside and outside the classroom.
Module 6. Professional Engagement Strengthen your role in your school’s Professional Learning Committee and participate in a wider network of teacher. Celebrate your successes as you plan the next stage of your professional development.

*Course content is subject to change

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