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How do children learn to read?

Webinar: March 4, 3:45: 5:00 EST – Common questions answered!

We’ll be following up the conference with a webinar led by literacy expert, Dr. Norma St Croix, addressing common instructional questions educators have about reading.

For example, have you ever wondered…..


  • if all phonics programs include phonemic awareness instruction?
  • if sight words should be taught by memorization?
  • what orthographic mapping is and how it enables students to recognize words?
  • if you should use levelled readers, decodable texts, or authentic texts to teach reading fluency?






Find out the answers to these questions and more. If you are a literacy lead or an educator responsible for teaching reading, this will be a great opportunity to engage directly with one of our experts. Have a question of your own? Let us know and we will attempt to address it in this or future webinars.