Leading schools in these uncertain times requires great strength and flexibility. The time to reflect and re-examine priorities as a school leader is limited. This leadership development, delivered as a fundamental pillar of the Confident Learners Literacy Program, aims to address this by:

Reflecting on personal, daily leadership behaviors and strategies to increase intentionality and focus.
Examining effective habits that create a positive mindset to create and sustain a culture and community focused on meeting the needs of all students.
Examining successes, identifying challenges and identifying next steps.

Live online monthly sessions


School Leadership Team involved in the Confident Learners Literacy Program

Time Commitment

Synchronous online training
2 half days per month
Coaching Calls: 1 hour per month for each school

This Leadership Development supports school leaders to create a thriving school where teachers, students, parents and guardians, and the community are working together toward a common vision of success.

This professional learning is focused on five themes:

Achieving Focus
Establishing commitment and implementing the Division/District plan, while building area and school capacity.
Prioritizing the Student
Putting the needs of students first in all decisions, focusing on each student needs based. Maintaining high expectations for all students.
Establishing and Maintaining Organization
Establishing area and school meeting rhythm, routines, and processes for effective implementation of priorities.
Building Shared Instructional Leadership Organization
Leading an effective PLC process, establishing high expectations for classroom practice, building trust and a common understanding of accountability.
Using Evidence for Decision-Making and Action
Learning how to use evidence to monitor goals and inform next steps, establishing monitoring systems and strategies.

Ensure your school leadership teams are aligned and fully committed to improving student outcomes.