This month, staff from The Learning Bar joined supporters of children and adults with an intellectual disability at New Brunswick Association for Community Living’s annual luncheon.

Krista Carr, Executive Director of NBACL, presented a speech focusing on “What If?” She reminded the audience that we often magnify our own issues, not considering the larger, daily obstacles people with intellectual disabilities and their families must contend with.

“NBACL is vital to Fredericton and New Brunswick, and we support their mission of inclusivity,” said TLB President and CEO, Dr. Doug Willms. “The Learning Bar works to place children on a pathway to success, and to give every student a voice in academics, school safety, physical activity and advocacy. We share NBACL’s vision of ‘whatever it takes, for as long as it takes’ to ensure every voice is heard.”

Each month, over 200 NB families come to NBACL for assistance. The organization’s programs include Early Learning (assisting with inclusive childcare and transitioning to school) and Kindergarten to Grade 12 guidance providing onsite teaching of tools and strategies to NB educators to improve inclusion.

“It’s a really good feeling to work for a company that cares about the community,” said Early Years Evaluation account manager Stephanie Guignion, who attended the luncheon with a team of TLB employees. “The financial commitment to NBACL is wonderful, and that comes from a sincere interest in seeing children achieve success.”

TLB is a major sponsor of the luncheon and the association annually. That, in addition to TLB’s donation-matching program for its employees, will help to support NBACL to accomplish its mission.