WEBINAR: Discover the Power of OurSCHOOL Staff Survey: Capture Valid, Reliable Data to Fully Support Staff Well-being

Access this webinar, “Discover the Power of OurSCHOOL Staff Survey: Capture Valid, Reliable Data to Fully Support Staff Well-being,” as we delve into the unique pillars of the OurSCHOOL staff survey. We’ll explore the power of the results and showcase why having rigorous, holistic, nationally and provincially normed, timely, and accessible data is so crucial in informing major decisions that impact your staff.

Educators must be physically, mentally, and emotionally present to connect with students and provide quality instruction. Their mental health and well-being need to be ‘in check’ for this to happen. While we cannot control everything, it is our responsibility to increase the likelihood that our staff can be healthy at work. Starting with the end in mind, how can division leaders foster a sense of belonging and autonomy so that their staff feel valued and supported? What kinds of collective efforts will foster your staff’s sense of belonging and pride in the work being done?

It is not enough to simply acknowledge that there is a problem; division leaders can better create conditions for success when they have crucial insights into the pivotal measures that drive their staff’s well-being. This all starts with giving all of your staff a voice.

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OurSCHOOL Staff Survey

Speaker Biography: Lorna Cameron

Lorna has been with The Learning Bar now for 7 years now and was an administrator and teacher for over 20 years before joining The Learning Bar. As a member of the Customer Success team she works with school districts across Canada to support and build their skills and knowledge in the areas of data-driven planning and decision making. She comes from within the school system and has seen first hand many of the challenges that you face and has a clear understanding of what schools are doing to overcome these.

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