Well-Being Survey

Our new Tell Them From Me® Well-Being Survey is now live! Find out more about what *schools can do to support the well-being of their students. As fellow educators, we share your commitment to ensuring all students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will lead to fulfilling lives…today and throughout their futures.

*These measures are currently only available within the secondary school student survey (grades 7-12). 

Well-Being Survey Information Sheet

A successful future starts with students’ well-being

Strategies to Support Student Well-Being

Find out what you can do to support the well-being of your students

Video: Well-Being Framework

Informing school policy and practice

An Overview: The Well-Being Framework

Connecting well‐being to actions that school staff, families, and community leaders can take

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A Detailed Outline: The Well-Being Framework

Discover the in-depth theory and goals of the well-being framework

''In our 2018 OurSCHOOL survey, Holy Family dug into the area of student anxiety to better understand more about the anxieties our students were facing. We worked with our school counselors to develop division level student survey questions to dig deeper into the area of anxiety and also created anxiety presentations for our teachers to use in classrooms to hone in on what is normal and healthy anxiety and what is not. The results of our division level questions around anxiety showed us that, for the most part, our students were experiencing anxiety which is considered normal for their age and stage of life. We were also pleased to see that our May 2019 OurSCHOOL results showed a decrease in student anxiety levels.''
Terry Jordens,
Holy Family RCSSD No. 140, Superintendent of Student Services and Assessment

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