Engagement Session: EYE-TA Data Deep Dive for Districts

Align your early literacy assessment data with effective interventions


Advance your team’s understanding of how to use your EYE-TA data

Participants will:

discuss ways to support educators to use and share EYE-TA data,
make predictions about their results,
identify areas of success,
pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and
develop achievable action plans for further success.

Live, web-based interactive session

District Staff and EYE Coordinators

2 hours


Provide an opportunity for collaborative inquiry and discussion

During the session, we will:

demonstrate how EYE- TA data collection can be incorporated into regular classroom activities,
delve into the research behind the assessment,
review your EYE-TA data,
present notable highlights and identify areas for further investigation, and
describe the benefits of a pre-post implementation model.

Empower your educators to give every child a successful start.
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Session booking is subject to availability.