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Whether you have questions about using student voice in school planning, what the literature says about how to improve students’ sense of belonging, or what schools like yours are doing to achieve success, our Engagement Services can support you.


Our team predominantly work with our OurSCHOOL Survey customers providing a variety of different engagement services:

Measure selection: Ensure your survey is precisely targeted to gather the data that best supports your unique goals. A well-aligned survey allows you to set baselines, monitor your impact on student outcomes, target interventions, and focus your time and resources on what matters the most.
Data Interpretation: Interpret and share your survey findings among your school community with confidence. We can provide assistance, clarification, or if you just want a sounding board for how to think about your results
Professional Learning and Consultation Services: Learn more about data-driven planning and decision making to enhance your school planning. These sessions are designed to build your expertise and provide you with the opportunity to gain practical strategies for fostering a school climate where all students can succeed. Empower your school leadership teams by registering for one of these sessions today.

Every school and district is unique and has its own challenges, goals, and priorities. We are here to help you achieve these.

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