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Graduation starts here

The first step to becoming a confident learner is to become a confident reader. Research shows, 89% of students who read well by Grade 3 will graduate on time. As educators, we expect this and more.

Access resources to create a shared vision for literacy in your community.
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Focus on prevention, make meaningful gains

Managing the wide range of learning needs in the classroom is one of the greatest challenges educators face. Each school and community has their own areas of strength and challenge that need to be addressed in a coordinated way to make meaningful gains in student literacy and graduation rates.

Focus efforts on the most effective literacy development practices

Educators have a solid body of research evidence on how children learn to read, and what instructional approaches work best. This evidence is the foundation of the Confident Learners program. It provides a rigorous learning to read pathway aligned with instructional tools and support to set schools up for success. The program is designed to:

  1. Accurately identify children’s literacy skills when they start school. 
  2. Move towards a skills-based approach to enable students to learn.
  3. Provide a framework, resources, and support for professional learning and collaboration. 

Find out more about the Confident Learners Literacy Program and how to position your students to succeed in school and beyond.

Make literacy your bottom line

Efficient reading instruction is at the center of community transformation, and children’s future opportunities. Learn about the financial benefits of reading success, or access resources to understand the literacy needs of your community now.
How much could grade 3 reading success save you in the next
Education system costs
What do you pay annually for reading interventions and interventionists in grades 3+ ?
How much does an additional year of schooling cost per student?
How many students take an additional year or more to complete high school?
Community costs
How many students drop out of school each year?*
* 20,000$ per student - Estimate based on Canadian Council on Learning (2009). No “drop” in the bucket: the high costs of dropping out.

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