A successful future starts with students' well-being

As fellow educators, we share your commitment to ensuring all students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will lead to fulfilling lives… today and throughout their futures.

What we measure matters…

To truly thrive, students need a healthy body and mind, a strong sense of purpose, opportunities to learn and grow, meaningful connections with others, and the freedom to express themselves as individuals and pursue their passions. Over the years, we have seen growing belief and commitment that developing student well-being is a critical goal of the education system. In order to achieve academically, to become resilient and engaged learners, and to develop into confident, capable and caring citizens, students need an inclusive and stimulating educational environment.

But how do we know if we’re doing enough to foster our students’ well-being?

The OurSCHOOL Well-Being Survey

The OurSCHOOL Well-Being Survey allows you to deeply understand all aspects of your students’ well-being and the role that your school plays in it. It uses a holistic approach to measuring well-being across cognitive, physical, emotional and social dimensions. The well-being measures are currently only available in the secondary school survey. Measures includes:

Sense of belonging
General health
Goal orientation
Positive relationships
Anxiety & depression
Life satisfaction
Cultural awareness
Sense of purpose
Personal expression

Click here to find out more about our Well-being Framework and strategies schools can use to improve student well-being.