Engagement Session: EYE-DA Data Deep Dive for Districts

Support Your Teams to use EYE-DA Data to Plan Effective Interventions for Children’s Early Skill Development


Increase the probability of children’s successful transitions to school

Participants will:

gain a deeper understanding of how EYE-DA data can be used by multidisciplinary teams, families, and educators,
have the opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts about assessment results, and
leave with practical strategies for supporting educators and teams to action the results.


Learn to interpret and leverage your EYE-DA results

During the session, our experts will:

review the components and uses of the EYE-DA
for a deeper understanding of the tool,
provide a brief overview of available reports,
highlight your EYE-DA data, and
present ideas for engaging a variety of stakeholders with assessment data.

Live, web-based interactive session

Principals or program coordinators, DA Coordinators, Instructional Leads, District EYE Personnel

90 Minutes

Provide children with the early interventions they need to succeed. Inquire now to find out more.
Inquire now to find out more.

Session booking is subject to availability.