Engagement Session: OurSCHOOL Parent Survey Data Deep Dive

Enhance skills to interpret and action your OurSCHOOL data!

The OurSCHOOL Parent Survey Data Deep Dive session empowers participants to learn effective practices for incorporating parents’ and caregivers’ voices into school planning decisions. Incorporating these voices strengthens the bond between families and schools, cultivating a shared vision of success.

Live, web-based interactive session

District- and School-level Personnel

1 hour


Strengthen partnerships with families

Participants will:

explore their data by making predictions about the results,
learn how to examine and share OurSCHOOL Parent Survey data,
explore the role parents’ and caregivers’ perceptions play in creating a shared vision of success, and
explore ways to involve parents in school action plans.


During this session, our experts will:

describe the research that underpins the Parent Survey,
review your OurSCHOOL Parent Survey data, identifying areas for further investigation, and
share best practices for using OurSCHOOL Parent Survey data in school planning.

Learn how to effectively leverage your OurSCHOOL Parent data to positively impact all aspects of school improvement.

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