Systematic Reading Instruction

Fostering Continuous Growth in Literacy Instruction

Advancing Literacy Instruction

Designed to complement and build on educators’ existing teaching strategies, Systematic Reading Instruction will increase educators’ knowledge about the science of reading and teaching, and equip them with the teaching strategies and resources to teach a systematic reading instruction program.


Educators leave the course with:

A clearly defined scope and sequence for teaching reading.
Instructional strategies on phonics, morphology, and reading comprehension.
Aligned engaging activities, games, and worksheets.


Module 1.

Why Systematic Reading Instruction

Introduces a unique systematic approach to reading

Module 2.

The Science of Reading

Outlines key concepts of the science underlying systematic
phonics and reading instruction.

Module 3.

The Science of Teaching

Reviews the principles of the science of teaching and provides practical strategies
that can increase the rate at which children learn to read.

Module 4.

Phase 1: Becoming a Reader

Introduces the scope for teaching the foundational skills of becoming a reader.

Module 5.

Strategies and Activities for Phase 1

Provides simple, effective strategies and activities that ensure students master
foundational reading skills.

Module 6.

Phase 2: Becoming a Skilled Reader

Defines morphology and explores decoding words with more complex sound-letter
relationships to increase students repertoire of words.

Module 7.

Strategies and Activities for Phase 2

Outlines effective strategies to integrate morphology into instruction to quickly
build vocabulary and spelling.

Module 8.

Phase 3: Becoming an Expert Reader

Describes the most effective scope and sequence of teaching reading comprehension.

Module 9.

Strategies and Activities for Phase 3

Outlines ten strategies for improving reading comprehension, includes subject-based
vocabulary and links them to activities related to literature, fine arts,
mathematics, science, and land-based knowledge.

Module 10.

Summary and Next Steps

Provides a short overview of key learnings and recommendations on the next steps.

Equip teachers with the skills they need to impact all students reading proficiency and empower them in supporting all students to thrive.

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