Leading a Systematic Approach to Well-being Workshop

Create and sustain a supportive and healthy work environment

This workshop is designed for school and district leaders who are in a position to influence workplace culture and practices and educators with an interest in promoting and sustaining well-being in their schools. It recognizes the critical link between educator well-being and student outcomes and focuses not just on individual well-being but on creating a systemic culture of wellness.

Led by Gail Markin, a renowned educational consultant with over two decades of experience, will support you in establishing a positive educational environment, conducive to the success of both educators and students.


Participants will:

gain a deeper understanding of the three interconnected aspects of well-being: Self, Other, and System,
learn actionable strategies to enhance educator well-being and its positive ripple effect on student well-being,
develop essential skills to create and sustain a supportive and healthy work environment in educational settings, and
receive guidance on developing robust systems aimed at improving both personal and collective well-being, ensuring a sustainable approach to wellness in schools.


Spanning about three hours, this interactive workshop is tailored for educational leadership teams, offering a blend of immersive learning and practical application. It can be delivered either in-person, fostering direct engagement and collaboration, or online, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

Get unique insights and practical strategies for fostering well-being at all levels of the education system.