WEBINAR: Trauma-Sensitive Leadership: Creating Caring, Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

The critical role of the school leader in moderating the effects of trauma is well supported by research. The trauma-sensitive leader realizes the impact of trauma; recognizes the signs and symptoms of trauma in staff, students and their families; and responds by creating safe, supportive practices and spaces where all belong.

As the prevalence of trauma continues to increase, becoming a trauma-sensitive leader has never been so important!

Access this webinar, “The Trauma-Sensitive Leader: Creating Caring, Safe and Supportive Learning Environments”. Learn the core principles of trauma-sensitive schools and discover how you can immediately incorporate trauma-sensitive, research-based strategies into your current practice.

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Speaker Biography:

Lori Bryden, Instructional Literacy Consultant, The Learning Bar

Dr. Lori Bryden is a retired teacher, coordinator of special education, and principal of 38 years. She holds a Doctorate in Education in Curriculum and Special Education; a Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instructional Technology from Acadia University; a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University; and a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University. In addition to her principal qualifications, Dr. Bryden has also earned her Supervisory Officer’s Qualifications.

Throughout her career in education, she has effectively applied trauma-informed leadership practices, creating an inclusive atmosphere for all school community members.

Her areas of research include trauma-informed practices, inclusion, and equity. She strongly believes that all children can achieve at a high level when provided with appropriate support. She is passionate about assisting school teams to create safe and supportive learning environments.

An executive member of the Ontario Council of Special Educators, Dr. Bryden has also worked with the Ontario Ministry of Education, developing a comprehensive model for Collaboration in Special Education. She co-wrote the application to the Ontario Ministry of Education for a classroom for students with attachment disorder.

Dr. Bryden’s professional development on trauma, includes Level 1 Training in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Trauma-Informed Certification from the Community Resilience Initiative.

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