WEBINAR: Discover research-based interventions proven to be effective in impacting staff well-being

Staff strive every day to put the needs of their students above their own, yet school staff are leaving the profession at unprecedented rates. Let us share with you practical, innovative strategies to create a more supportive and thriving school environment. Access our webinar, “Discover research-based interventions proven to be effective in impacting staff well-being.”

The webinar explores the multifaceted nature of staff well-being and its critical impact on educational outcomes. Joel Henderson, Research Associate with The Learning Bar, examines ways to cultivate a school culture that places a high priority on mental health and emotional support. The webinar includes a variety of strategies specifically designed to address unique challenges faced by educational staff. These strategies range from managing workloads and enhancing team communication and collaboration to ensuring school safety and addressing staff bullying.

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Speaker Biography

Joel Henderson is a Research Associate at The Learning Bar. As a member of the research team, he works closely with school districts across Canada to support their needs, with a particular focus on assisting school leaders as they understand and explore their OurSCHOOL data. Joel holds a master’s degree in education and his expertise extends to the areas of instructional design, e-learning, and curriculum development.

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