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United Way 2022

The Learning Bar is proud to announce a new partnership with United Way Regina. On July 11, the first summer literacy camps developed between the two organizations launched at the Standing Buffalo Dakota School, Fort Qu’Appelle, SK. Fifteen students participated in the camps, designed to help children develop foundational reading skills. 

“We have witnessed such great success over the last two weeks. Children are truly engaged in learning how to read and more confident in their abilities. The reality is that 45% of children in Regina enter kindergarten not knowing letters and 26% are unable to read proficiently by the end of Grade 3,” said Robyn Edwards-Bentz, CEO, United Way Regina. “Our mission is to move the needle on early childhood literacy rates.”  

This figure is not unique to Regina, across Canada many provinces and territories are struggling to achieve better results. “For over 20 years our literacy rates have remained stagnant,” said Dr. Willms, Founder, The Learning Bar. “We have the power to change this by properly supporting educators. Unlike other camps, educators have the opportunity to build on their existing skills, increase their understanding of The Science of Reading, and are actually shown how to apply this in the classroom. The motivation, engagement, and achievement of these students speak for themselves.” 

The success of the summer literacy camps means the partnership between United Way Regina and The Learning Bar will continue to grow in 2023. ”Expanding and offering these camps to more divisions and schools throughout Saskatchewan is another step in our vision to reach more children.  We will continue to support school leaders and educators who are working so hard to improve early childhood literacy,” said Colette Wasson, CEO, The Learning Bar.