The Learning Bar announces new workshop focused on supporting school leaders create and sustain a supportive and healthy work environment

The Learning Bar has introduced a new workshop for education leaders and educators looking to build and nurture a systemic culture of wellness. The workshop entitled ‘Leading a Systematic Approach to Well-being’ recognizes the critical link between educator well-being and student outcomes. Led by Gail Markin, a renowned educational consultant with over two decades of experience, it is designed to complement and enhance existing well-being and professional development programs within educational institutions.

Along with a framework for integrating well-being principles systematically across all levels of school operations it builds upon the core concepts of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and other well-being initiatives and offers actionable strategies that can be seamlessly integrated into current programs. This approach ensures that efforts to promote well-being are cohesive, comprehensive, and reinforce the institution’s overall goals for educator and student wellness.